Beyond Leaves and Water

Who we are

Our Story

For as long as I can remember, I always felt that my purpose in life was to give back. For many years I tried to find a way to do what I love and at the same time fulfill my life’s purpose. Today I’m proud to introduce my second “baby”, G & Tea where I can do just that!

Armed with my family’s love for tea and my passion to give back, we made it through two years of lengthy conversations, lots of tea tastings, tears, anxiety and not to mention, a pandemic … but we made it!

At G & Tea we believe in giving back and in the philosophy of Tea With a Purpose. For every tin you buy, we give back a portion of the profits to some very special causes that are close to our heart. You can find more information about these causes on our “Giving Back” section of our website.

Another one of our guiding principles is the concept of sustainability. We believe that it is our duty to play our part in saving Mother Earth for the children of tomorrow and as such, all our packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

Thank you for putting a smile on somebody’s face and we hope you enjoy Steeping Your Senses with G & Tea.

Celebrate life’s moments, one cup at a time