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At G & Tea, we don’t just brew tea; we brew purpose. With every scoop or tea bag, know that a slice of your purchase dances its way to causes we hold close.


The “Giving Back” section of our site spills the tea on our Tea With a Purpose philosophy!

So, as you steep, smile. Because with every sip, you’re not just embracing a flavor, but a philosophy. Here’s to brewing change with G & Tea!

Nourish yourself from the inside out

Stirring leaves and lifting spirits, one cup at a time.


A Timeless Brew: The Aristocratic Fusion of Ceylon tea, Cornflower, and Bergamot tea

OMG.....! this product is awesome. Beautiful in all ways and helps protect the world.
I am so happy with my purchase!
- Vikram

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Black Teas

We curate these black teas with utmost care and dedication, ensuring that each blend is a masterpiece in itself.

Green Teas

G & Tea Company offers sustainably-sourced green teas, ensuring quality in every blend. Experience nature's essence in every cup.

White Teas

G & Tea Company delivers the purest white teas from top estates. Experience nature's essence in our exceptional selections.

Herbal Teas

G & Tea Company offers premium herbal teas, blending flavors and wellness. Savor nature's essence in our curated selections.

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A conscious collection made entirely from food crop waste recycled cotton.
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